Projects and initiatives

Throughout the year, the Basque Coast Geopark organizes numerous outreach activities to promote the natural and cultural heritage of the Geopark and encourage the participation of its inhabitants.

European Geoparks week

During its main 60th anThe UNESCO Global Geopark of the Basque Coast celebrates the European Geoparks Week every year. This is an initiative that takes place simultaneously in the 94 geoparks that currently exist in Europe with the aim of publicizing and generating greater awareness among citizens regarding the conservation and promotion of geological and natural heritage.


The First 100 - IUGS Geological Heritage Sites 2022

During its main 60th anniversary celebration, the IUGS is pleased to present the "First 100 IUGS Geological Heritage Sites" at an event in Zumaia, Basque Coast UGGp (Spain). Information, program and registration here


European Atlantic Geotourism Route 2016-2020