Association for the management of the Basque Coast Geopark. On the 16th November 2009, Zumaia, Deba and Mutriku town councils became the founding members of the Association for the Management of the Basque Coast Geopark.


The Association was created to pursue the following objetives:

  1. To promote the sustainable, balanced development of the Basque Coast Geopark territory, with particular focus on sites of geological, natural and cultural value, by developing courses of action and implementing initiatives that serve to benefit the people who live in the region.
  2. To protect and preserve the territory's natural heritage, with particular emphasis on its geological heritage, and the process of enhancing its value as a resource, for the economic and social development of the community.
  3. To promote research, education (both regulated and non-regulated systems) and the dissemination of Earth Sciences in the region, and to promote other areas of natural and environmental sciences.
  4. To revalue, boost, reclaim and promote awareness of our cultural heritage.
  5. To promote and implement initiatives related to tangible and intangible cultural heritage (traditions, customs, trades, oral continuity, artistic creation, etc.), placing priority on activities linked to geological, paleontological and archaeological heritage.
  6. To foster environmental education, paying particular attention to the local assets in the region.
  7. To promote natural tourism, focusing in particular on sites of geological value, as well as cultural tourism, all within a framework of sustainability.
  8. To improve the quality of tourism and the local amenities and tourist attractions available in the region.
  9. To boost economic activities that are compatible with the goals of the geoparks, in particular initiatives designed to promote local products.
  10. To promote and implement activities in partnership with other organisations that can help to further the aims of the Association.


Currently, the Association is composed of:

  • Zumaia Town Council.
  • Deba Town Council
  • Mutriku Town Council.
  • Gipuzkoa Provincial Council.
  • Basque Government.
  • UNESCO Etxea ( Unesco Centre Basque Country).
  • Aranzadi Society of Sciences.
  • Debemen, the Debabarrena Rural Development Agency.
  • Urkome, the Urola Coast Rural Development Agency.
  • Debegesa, Economic Development Company of Debabarrena.
  • Urola Coast Association of Municipalities.

Additionally, Geogarapen has signed a collaboration agreement with the Faculty of Science and Technology at the UPV-EHU, to cooperate on issues of common interest. 

Courses of action

To bring this project forward the Geogarapen Association has implemented the 2011-2014 four.year action plan, which defines the main courses of action for the Basque Coast Geopark, and is divided into five blocks:

  1. Science and terrritory
    1. Research and studies
    2. Training and education
    3. Publications and science outreach
    4. Promoting scientific tourism
  2. Environment and sustainability
    1. Studies
    2. Environmental education
    3. Guided tours
    4. Quality of public outreach
    5. Publications and communication
  3. Tourism
    1. Studies
    2. Tourism policy, tourism products and quality
    3. Promotion and events
  4. Local development and culture
    1. Raising awareness about the rural environment and the primary sector
    2. Promotion and direct sale of products
    3. Promoting local artists and artisans
    4. Recovery and revaluation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
  5. Transversak actions
    1. Acces routes to the Geopark and internal mobility
    2. Uses of territory
    3. Routes and trails
    4. Heritage interpretation
    5. Organization of the European Geopark's Week
    6. Other regular commitments with the Geoparks Network