The Geopark is the perfect place to grab your board and go surfing. You can check out the excellent surf for yourself at Itzurun beach in Zumaia, the beach at Santiago de Deba and Alkolea bay in Mutriku. Of all water sports, the Basque Country is firmly established as a popular surfing destination. You can ride the waves throughout the surfing season on all three beaches.


There are right-hand and left-hand waves that vary depending on the tides. The western part of San Telmo Beach requires a higher level of skill because of its sand and rock bottom. At high tide here a wave forms close to the shore that bounces off the cliff and creates excellent ramps for bodyboarders. On this beach, which is presided over by the hermitage of the same name, there are some examples of flysch, beautiful geological formations of great scientific value which are numerous on this stretch of the Basque Coast. 

  • Type of wave: Beach break / Multiple peaks
  • Tide: All tides
  • Wind: South/southeast
  • Swell: North. From 1 metre
  • Skill required: Beginner/intermediate.
  • Services: The beach has shower facilities, drinking fountains, changing rooms, a surf school and lifeguards and a snack bar in summer. The tourist office is close to the beach as well as a surf shop and parkland.


Deba beach is well-known for producing some one of the biggest waves on the Basque coast, a powerful, right-hand wave known as Sorgin-Zulo that can reach up to five metres. This is one of the winter surfing experiences that is not to be missed! Its rocky and sandy bed makes it even more dangerous. On days when the surf isn’t strong, the peaks roll along the entire beach and closer to the shore, which may offer good sessions depending on the depth. There is a local surf club in the town. 

  • Type of wave: Point break / right-hand
  • Tide: Mid tide
  • Wind: South/southwest/southeast.
  • Swell: North/northwest From 4 metres
  • Skill required: Expert
  • Services: There is a large car park, promenade, showers, fountains, restaurants and nearby accommodation, tourist office, surf shop, school and parkland.


This is a very intense left-hand wave located between the towns of Mutriku and Deba, a quality point break in a beautiful rocky cove. It is noted for its critical take off, the strongest part of the wave. You access the wave from on top of the cliff and it is visible from the road. 

  • Type of wave: Point break / left-hand
  • Tide: Mid tide
  • Wind: South/southeast
  • Swell: North/northwest From 3 metres
  • Skill required: Intermediate/Expert
  • Services: There is a car park nearby and a newly developed picnic area.


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