Final Program

After one year of intense work we hare very happy to present a very enjoyable program for the IUGS 60th aniversary. Will include:

  • Presentations of some of the most relevant sites included in "The First 100"
  • Keynote lectures by global leaders on geological sciences. 
  • Presentations of the IUGS Stone Heritage and Geocollection initiatives. 
  • Workshop for discussion about the future development of the IUGS Geological Heritage Sites Program.
  • A big dedication ceremony for "The First 100" as a main event of the IUGS 60th anniversary celebration.
  • Check here the Practical Information Dossier of the event.


Check THE FIRST 100 LIST ANNOUNCEMENT and the online version of THE BOOK at the new website of the IUGS International Commission on Geoheritage.