Lastur with kids

Mills and talos for the whole family

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Family activity
  • Duration: 01:30
  • Number of maximun visitors: 30
  • Required: Suitable clothing and footwear.
  • Price: 10.00 € (Under 12 years: 5.00 €)
  • Starting point: Square of San Nikolas, Lastur, Deba.

An adventure with children at the heart of it. After grinding corn in the old Lastur mill, we start the tour with a fun talo-making workshop, finishing off with a well-earned taste of this delicious traditional corn flatbread served with spicy chistorra sausage. Next, we meet up in the beautiful Lastur square to play a series of traditional Basque games: chinga races, tug-of-war, corncob collecting, sack races and many more. Endless fun for children and parents!