Black flysch

The oldest sea beds and flysch in the Geopark

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Walking activity
  • Duration: 01:30
  • Number of maximun visitors: 25
  • Required: Suitable clothing for the weather.
  • Minimum age (years): 10
  • Price: 10.00 € (Under 13 years: 6.00 €)
  • Starting point: Tourist office of Deba (Ifar kalea 4)

A surprising walk over the oldest sea beds in the Geopark. Come and have a walk along Deba’s extraordinary beach and promenade and listen to our specialist guide unveil the secrets of the least-known flysch in the Geopark: the black flysch of Deba. Together, we will journey back 100 million years to when the Bay of Biscay was just beginning to open up, to when the underwater landscape was formed by huge coral reefs and deep abyssal fans, was subject to earthquakes and was the place where small caprices of nature were formed, including the famous Deba Septarians.