The Abrasion Platform

Discover the life and colour of the flysch

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Walking activity
  • Duration: 03:15
  • Number of maximun visitors: 20
  • Required: Footwear suitable for walking on rocks and water for the journey.
  • Minimum age (years): 10
  • Price: 17.00 € (Under 12 years: 9.00 €)
  • Starting point: Tourist office of Zumaia (Kantauri plaza 13, Zumaia) Errota Berri farmhouse, Quarter of Sakoneta, Deba. or Tourist office of Mutriku (Txurruka plaza, Mutriku)

This fascinating biology tour can only be made when there is a very low tide. Let our experts guide you in your discovery of an enormous variety of species, and learn how they have adapted to live in the complex ecosystem of the abrasion platform at the foot of the cliffs. Here you will find starfish, octopuses, sea cucumbers, hares and much more. A whole world of life and colour at your fingertips. 

Important: The route is of medium-high difficulty; you will to walk on rocks for 3 hours. It is recommended to wear suitable footwear for walking on the rocks and water.