The octopus of the flysch

The star of Zumaia's wave-cut platform and local cuisine

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Walking activity Gastronomic activity
  • Duration: 01:30
  • Number of maximun visitors: 25
  • Required: Appropriated clothes and shoes
  • Minimum age (years): 8
  • Price: 16.00 € (Under 12 years: 11.00 €)
  • Starting point: Tourist office of Zumaia (Kantauri plaza 13, Zumaia)

We’ll immerse ourselves in the Geopark’s coastline to discover ancient fishing techniques and the culinary tradition linked to the octopus of the flysch, a mollusc which has become emblematic of this fascinating natural environment. And for the perfect ending to an unforgettable experience, we’ll sample a good pintxo and a glass of txakoli.

Tour in spanish or basque.